About Mazi Automotiva

Mazi Automotiva is a company from he Mazi Group wich is composed by five companies from different sectors of the industry. This scope allows Mazi Automotiva to have internally the main points of its production, from the casting tool to the finished part!

Stablished  in the market for more than 10 years, we are a 100% Brazilian company, whose main commitment is to provide high quality parts for the automotive spare parts market, committing ourselves to the customer, society and the environment. Today we have the biggest line of cast iron control arms in Brazil and we are present in all Brazilian states, attending local, regional and national distributors.

Our industrial park has a 2.000m² constructed areaand it´s located in Caxias do Sul-RS. We are equipped with machines and specific equipment for the manufacture of our products. In addition, our team is made up of skilled and highly qualified professionals.

Our conducts and values ​​enhance the quality in the manufacturing of parts and the service to Mazi customers.

• Suspension Tray

• Suspension arm

• Pitman steering arm

• Auxiliary steering arm

• Suspension Bushings

• Steering Knuckle

• Suspension Pivot

Mazi - Because quality matters!